Boone's Lick Road Association
The Boone's Lick Road
was Missouri’s first main road to the west. From St. Charles, Bryan and Morrison’s Trading Post sold the precious commodity mined at the salt lick, which gave the Boone’s Lick community its name. Thousands of travelers used the road to reach the Santa Fe Trail as it passed through St. Charles, Warren, Montgomery, Callaway, Boone, and Howard counties.
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May 8
Wagon Stories: Boone's Lick Road video now online
Watch consummate storyteller Dr. Larry Brown as he follows a fictional family's journey on the Boone's Lick Road in the 1820s. This video is a ...
June 22
Boone's Lick Road Challenge Kickoff
Join Boone’s Lick Road President Dorris Keeven-Franke, Daniel Boone, and others on St. Charles’ Historic Main Street at the Daniel Boone statue, at Main ...
June 29
Boone's Lick Road Challenge in Warren County
Join BLRA President Dorris Keeven-Franke and Janet Watkins and others along the Missouri Bicentennial’s Boone’s Lick Road Explorer’s Challenge. Join us on Warrenton’s Historic Main ...
August 14
Board Meeting
Interested public are able to attend this 10:00 a.m. Zoom meeting, too, by sending an email request to