Boone's Lick Road Association
Boone's Lick Road Research Library
The Boone's Lick Road Association aims to develop this library into the premier source for authoritative information on the road. It is intended for the casual browser as well as the serious researcher working on their own project.
The resources listed can often be found in library collections or on the internet. Where copyrights do not limit publication, items will be presented in their entirety here. Click on the "eyeball" icon to check. The "Available at" field is used to direct you to the entire resource wherever possible. "Available at" links are not live; copy and paste them into your browser. Look also for file attachments. These will contain images of the resource. Recommendations for additional resources to be added to the library are welcome.
Search Tips:
If "Select ..." is used in the top filter box for both "Missouri Counties" and "Resource Type," the listing that follows will contain all resources currently in the library arranged alphabetically by title (default) or by author (click on the Author heading to list alphabetically by author). A search may be done of all the resources or it may be narrowed down using any or all of the drop down menus. You may search by Author, Title, Description, Available at, Key words, or All listed fields. All Listed Fields results in the broadest search. We suggest starting with this approach and narrowing later if necessary. The broom symbol clears the menu box. Be aware that searches only cover the text used to describe a resource and the key words entered for it. They do not cover every word in the actual resource, so the user is urged to review key titles to find items of interest.