Boone's Lick Road Association
                                     SUPPORT OUR MISSION
The Boone’s Lick Road Association has two, specific mission aspects: First, we want to preserve and tell the fascinating stories of the first major road into the heart of Missouri. And second, are working to secure federal recognition of this road as a National Historic Trail. We aim to be the most comprehensive and authoritative source for information and research into this historic trail.
Becoming a member is an easy, inexpensive way to support these missions. We keep membership costs low because we want to show the support we have by a growing list of members. CLICK HERE TO JOIN.
Besides contributing through dues, you can have a tremendous impact by contributing a little time to help the myriad things a successful enterprise needs – maybe you are knowledgeable about an aspect of the road’s history and can share that with others at a meeting or special presentation; you may have unique items to add to our growing RESEARCH LIBRARY; maybe you have editing skills that can help with a newsletter; maybe you would like to serve on the board of directors. We can assure you that you will enjoy the people you would be working with in this type of mission support. SEND A NOTE TO US WITH YOUR IDEAS.
As an individual or family member, you can also support the mission through your own contacts by urging key organizations to also join as organizational members. These include such groups as historical and genealogical societies, chambers of commerce, and tourism organizations, at both the local and state level.
Lastly, you can give a little extra to allow us to move farther and faster. TO CONTRIBUTE ONLINE, PLEASE CLICK HERE. You may also send a check with a memo line explaining your intent to our mailing address: BLRA, PO Box 8076, Columbia, MO 65205-8076.