Boone's Lick Road Association

Mission / Purpose

The Boone’s Lick Road Association (BLRA), incorporated in Missouri in 2011, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is twofold: First, we want to preserve and tell the fascinating stories of the first major road into the heart of Missouri. Secondly, we hope to secure federal recognition of this road as a National Historic Trail. We aim to be the most comprehensive and authoritative source for information and research into this historic trail.

Board of Directors
President: Dorris Keeven-Franke
Vice President: Sarah Coppersmith
Secretary: Janet Watkins
Treasurer: Jerry Prouhet
Director: Lisa Heffernan Weil
Director: Jacqueline Schaller
Director: Matthew Harris
Director: Carolyn Collings
Director: Dr. Tim Carson
Other Board Designations
President Emeritus: David Sapp
Committees & Appointments
Librarians Chair: David Sapp
Membership Chair: Jerry Prouhet
Newsletter Editor: Don Cullimore
Webmaster: David Sapp

Board Members by County

We strive to have board membership represent a range of counties mostly in east-central Missouri. All board members have strong interest and expertise about the Boone’s Lick Road.
Following shows the county of residence of current board members:
    President Keeven-Franke       St. Charles
    Vice President Coppersmith   St. Louis
    Secretary Watkins                   St. Charles
    Treasurer Prouhet                   Warren
    Director Carson                      Boone
    Director Schaller                    Howard
    Director Harris                       Montgomery
    Director Weil                          Boone
    Director Collings                    Boone